About Wolverhampton Hypnotherapist and Hypnoanalyst Derek Brownhill


Born in Wolverhampton England I have a background in business.

I have traveled extensively, lived in Australia twice and spent several months in both USA and New Zealand, having special memories of each of those countries.

Buy Dereks bookIn 1992 I applied myself to a training course in Hypnoanalysis with The International Association of Hypnoanalysts ( Europe’s largest body of its kind). Having passed the exam and gained the diploma, and because of the specialist nature of the therapy, it is required that the newly qualified Therapist shall undergo a course of Analytical Therapy with a practicing Therapist from the Association, (physician heal thyself) before being allowed to practice under the banner of the association.

This is an excellent rule for it enables the potential Therapist to rid themselves of their own insecurities and subconscious anxieties.

I learned a great deal about myself from the Analysis and indeed resolved a few behavioural problems at the same time. The Analysis also convinced me that the Therapy that I was about to start practicing was indeed a very efficient way to resolve many behavioural problems permanently.

In my opinion Hypnoanalysis is a life changing therapy and brings about highly beneficial changes to the lives of many people.

I truly believe in this therapy and love the work that I do.

For more information or to book a hypnotherapy / hypnoanalysis session with me in Wolverhampton, please don't hesitate to contact me.